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 Abraciated Jasper - Agate Information - Agate Pictures - Amber - Alexandrite
Amazonite - Amethyst W/Lepidocrocite - Amethyst - Ametrine - Andalucite
Apatite - Aquamarine - Arizona Petrified Wood - Aventurine - Azurite

Beacon Hill Moss Agate - Bell Mt. Moss Agate - Beryl Family Information
Biggs Jasper - Binghamite - Black Onyx - Blood Stone - Blue Mountain Picture Jasper
Bolder Opal - Brazilian Agate - Breneau Jasper - Burrow Creek Jasper

Canadian Ocean Rock  Campbellite - Carnelian Agate - Carrie Plume Agate
Cathedral Agate - Chicken Track Jasper - Chrysocolla - Charoite - Chrysophrase
Crazy Lace Agate - Cripple Creek Picture Jasper - Citrine - Coral

Dendritic Agate - Dendritic Quartz - Denio Dendritic Agate
Deschutes Picture Jasper-Dinosaur Bone - Diamond - Diopside
Dryhead Agate 

Emerald - Eagle Rock Plume Agate - Ellensburg Blue Agate

Fire Opal Family Info - Flame Agate - Fire Agate - Fluorite
Fryite Picture Jasper

Garnet Information - Garnet Idaho Star
Granite - Green Moss Agate - Goldstone - Gilson Opal
Grass Quartz - Grave Yard Point Plume Agate

Hampton Butte Moss Agate - Hawks Eye - Hemitite - Holly Blue Agate - Howlite

Idaho Fire Opal - Included Quartz Information

Jade - Jasper Information - Jasper Picture Gallery


Labradorite - Lapis Lazuli - Lazulite - Leolite Quartz
Leopard Skin Jasper - Lepidolite
Lepidocrocite Quartz - Lodolite Quartz

Malachite - Mandarin Garnet - Mexican Fire Opal
Maury Mt. Moss Agate - Mariposite - Moonstone - Montana Sapphire
Morrisonite - Montana Moss Agate

Obsidian - Ocean Jasper Madagascar - Owyhee Picture Jasper - Oolite

Pearls - Peridot - Petrified Wood - Picasso Marble - Pigeon Blood Agate
Pink Limb Cast - Plume Agate Picture Gallery - Polkadot Agate - Poppy Jasper
Precious White Opal - Priday Plume Agate - Psilomelane - Pyrite in Quartz

Quartz with Inclusions-Information - Quartz Family Information

Rainbow Moonstone - Rainforest Jasper - Rhodochrosite - Rhodalite Garnet - Rhodonite
Rocky Butte Picture Jasper - Rose Quartz - Rutilated Quartz - Ruby

Saginite - Sandy River Agate - Sapphire Information - Sapphire Deep Blue
Sapphire Fancy
Smoke Quartz - Sodalite - Spinel - Star Rose Quartz

Stinking Water Plume Agate - Stone Yard Jasper - Stoney Crick Jasper
Sunset Agate - Sun Stone - Sphene - Sugilite

Tanzanite - Tennaway Agate - Thai Pearls - Thundereggs - Tiger Eye
Topaz - Tourmaline - Tourmalated Quartz - Tsavorite Garnet - Turquoise

Uvarovite Garnet - Varisite - Varaquoise

Wascoite - Wild Horse Magnesite - Wild Horse Picture Jasper
Willow Creek Picture Jasper - Wonder Stone

Yogo Sapphire - Youngite - Zircon

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The links above will provide you with information we have collected on both precious and semi precious gemstone. 

There are a lot of interesting gemstones that come from our part of the country. Such as Idaho star Garnets, Red Faceted Idaho Garnet, Faceted Idaho garnets come in shades of deep red, reddish orange, a nice reddish purple rhodalite color and a light pinkie purple. We also have finished Idaho opal, Owyhee Picture Jasper, Rocky Butte Picture Jasper, Bruneau Jasper, Beacon Hill Moss Agate and Other fun stuff.

Idaho Opals are a triplet type of opal that are usually just as bright as the bolder opal from Australia. The Picture jaspers are also outstanding, with their desert scenes and such.

Out of Oregon comes Graveyard Point Plume Agate, Biggs Junction Jasper, Polkadot Agate, Carnelian Agate from Chandler Mountain, Holly Blue Agate from near Sweet Home, dozens of other agates and jaspers along with thunder eggs, Obsidian and Petrified Wood.

From Washington State we have lots of the petrified wood from the Gingko Petrified Forest and Saddle Mountain We have information and pictures of Fryite which unfortunately is no longer available.

Montana provides us with nice Agates such as the Montana Moss Agate and Dry head Agate

These are just some things that come from the four states around us. We also have many more types of gemstone from all over the country and the world for that matter.