Gold, Blue and Green Tiger Eye Set

The pendant is 2" tall from the tip to the top of the bail and .78" wide. The Earrings are 1" tall and .62" wide. The wires add another .80". Chain not included.
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Tiger's Eye is a durable quartz composite with the usual quartz hardness of 7. It begins as the fibrous blue mineral called crocidolite, which is comprised of iron & sodium. Most of us known crocidolite as asbestos. The transformation begins when quartz becomes imbedded between the fibers of crocidolite. This process will result in one of two gemstones. A blue stone called Hawk's Eye or the golden brown stone called Tiger's Eye. These are very nice stones as can be seen in the picture. Not to mention eyes walking all across the pendant stone when it is twisted in the light. The pendant is 2" tall from the tip to the top of the bail and .78" wide. The Earrings are 1" tall and .62" wide. The wires add another .80". Chain not included.